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Jerry and me - only 2 steps apart

My Concert report from The Barbican Centre in London, March 5th 1999

By Henrik,
The Danish Filmmusic Society

You can also read my report on Jerry Goldsmith's film music concert 2000.

Wednesday (March 3):

Today we (3 filmmusic-nerds from The Danish Filmmusic Society), will travel to London, Primarily to watch one of our biggest composer-idols: Mr. Jerry Goldsmith.

We took off from Denmark to Heathrow Airport at late evening. This was my second time in London, so we all knew that we had to reach Tower Records before midnight, after unpacking at our hotel at Russell Square. This proves to be a better hotel than our last visit in 1998, at the John Barry-concert.

We succeeded visiting Tower Records. They had many rare records, but not exactly very cheap. Actually they were much more expensive, than our last visit. But they had some CD's we just had to have.

Thursday (March 4):

This was gonna be the toughest day (physically). We started off very early towards The Barbican Centre. We tried to get into the rehearsals, or something. As I saw it, this was unrealistic. But a supervisor told us that the rehearsals would took place next day at 10 a.m., so there was some hope.

Then we walked further into town, visiting several record stores: Virgin, HMV, Tower Records and Rare Discs (Soundtrack-specialists). We bought several scores. In Rare Disc, we saw that a Film Market would be open on Saturday that we could attend.

Friday (March 5 - THE Day):

On Friday morning, we got up, and actually ran towards the Barbican Centre, in order to be there at 10 a.m. and we did. Doors into the hall seemed closed, but we found one open door, and talked to a supervisor about watching the rehearsals. One of my travel- companions ran directly down to an agent and Jerry Goldsmith to get permission, but got a "NO!". But at least he talked to Goldsmith :). Well he got permission from another supervisor that gave us an educational permission, so we could sit at a balcony seat and watch Goldsmith rehearses for almost 3 hrs. with the LSO. They were so good, that only a few cues had to be repeated, i.e. the beginning of "MacArthur" and some of "Planet of the Apes", which can be forgiven, since it deals with high skills of the percussion-section.

It was great to watch how the beginning of "MacArthur" was played by a drum-player on the piano-strings, with help from the piano-player. They rehearsed "Mulan" twice. Incredible to hear live. The tv-medley was also rehearsed twice, so I had a fair to chance to learn these tracks better. The last 15-20 seconds of the rehearsal of "The Russian House", Goldsmith threw down the score from the podium, and let the orchestra finish on their own. And he conducted the (40 seconds) Oscar-fanfare without the score in front of him.

We were completely exhausted with this experience, and talked about how lucky we were. Just the thought about hearing "Mulan" - live - three times on the same day. After the rehearsals, we ran down backstage, in small hope of meeting the master himself. We knew he is very shy, and isn't the kind of composer, who just welcomes fans that easy. But we managed to get in backstage, and talked to a supervisor about meeting him, but he asked us to leave for now, and come back tonight, where Goldsmith would be signing "Everything".

While talking with this supervisor, Goldsmith came out from the stage; he looked at us, probably confused. And I actually was standing in his way, ONLY ABOUT 2 STEPS APART. I didn't get any closer, but it was enough for me.

The Concert (7:30 p.m.)

First section:
STAR TREK: INSURRECTION (Main and End Title-suite)
- AIR FORCE ONE (Drums were extra powerful LIVE - great!)
- POLTERGEIST (Maybe too sweet with ONLY Carol Anne's Theme, I dunno)
- PAPILLON (My fav. Goldsmith-score - great performance - only too short)
- BASIC INSTICT (Brilliant performance of the main theme)
L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (Funny speech from Jerry before this about being run down
                   by a ship, that hit an iceberg and sank.)
PLANET OF THE APES: (Exceptional performances by of this landmark-score)
- The Search Continues
- The Clothes Snatchers
- The Hunt (Before the suite, Jerry let LSO demonstrate the strange sounds
            used here.)

Second section:
- Main Title
- Arthur's Farewell (Really powerful - live)
TINY CREATURES (Suite): (Jerry talked funny about his actor-parts in
                         Gremlins I & II)
- SMALL SOLDIERS - Theme (I really love this score, please don't stop)
- GREMLINS - Theme
MEDLEY OF TELEVISION THEMES: (Heard for the third time today - NOT BAD :)
- The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
- Dr. Kildare
- Room 222
- Star Trek: Voyager
- The Waltons
- Barnaby Jones (I really didn't know this side of Jerry that much.)
MULAN (Suite - Heard for the third time today - STILL NOT BAD :)
THE RUSSIA HOUSE (Jerry told us about meeting Sean Connery after this,
                  prior to his upcoming part in MEDICINE MAN, regarding
                  Jerry's ponytail: "I WAN'T YOUR HAIR").
- MacARTHUR - Theme
- PATTON - Theme

Intended extra, after first standing ovation:
THE OSCAR FANFARE (No surprise for us, since he rehearsed it earlier today).

Extra bonus (outside scheduled program - and even a surprise for us):
THE SHADOW - Theme (Brilliant premiere performance by the LSO)

Now, the tracks, I haven't commented was NOT at all bad performances.
I just haven't got any suitable comments for it, that's all.

After the concert, we ran down backstage - again - to meet Jerry, or something. Many fans was there already, wanting to meet Jerry and get their most important Jerry-item signed. And most succeeded. One item per person could be signed - and I got a cover from Papillon- CD signed. I'm not certain, that I got my own cover back, 'course it was bended, BUT it was signed, so I can indeed live with that...Goldsmith had it in his hand.

Varese Sarabande's Robert Townson was there as well, and he got in backstage, lucky ....... But we reached to talk to him, and he promised considering a release of Barry's "Raise the Titanic"...well, let's see! Lets hope for original tracks, or at least John Debney conducting.

We also met ex-president of The Goldsmith-Society, who told us that Jerry was on holiday in London, writing the score to "The Mummy". He has finished the score to "The 13th Warrior".


We went to that FILM market, mentioned before and it was a hell. They had so much goodies, that we had to leave after 2 hours, having spent way too much money already. I bought the concert-LP by Barry from 1972 for £5 and 6 pretty rare CD's for £35.


I was home back in Denmark at 6 p.m., after my hard but excellent London-trip. But it has really been worth it. I didn't actually meet with Jerry Goldsmith, but got very close; closer that I've ever dreamed of before I took off towards the concert. I'm not the same person as before I went to London, just as when I went the last time.

Henrik - March 8 1999.