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The Lord Of The Score - Mr. Howard Shore

The Lord Of The Rings Symphony - Six Movements for Orchestra and Chorus
performed by "Vlamms Radio Orkest" and Choir
Conducted by Howard Shore

My Concert report from the Sportpaleis, Deurne in Antwerp, April 16th 2004

By Henrik,
The Danish Film music Society

Thursday (April 15th):

Today my mom and me will travel to Belgium, this time to watch the premiere live concert, with music from The Lord Of The Ring-trilogy - conducted by Howard Shore himself. I tried to get tickets for the concert in London, on May 23rd, but it was already sold out.

We took of from Denmark to Brussels Airport in the afternoon. This was my third time in Belgium, but my fist time in Antwerp. But everything went smoothly - with plane, airports and the bus.

We stayed in Florida Hotel, at Keyserlei. That was pretty close to Antwerp Centrum, near the river Shelde. The Sportpaleis, where the concert would took place, was also nearby. The first evening, we just checked in - found something eat - and walked a bit around the Diamond area, as it was called. The reason was that it was full of jewellery stores. And I mean full.

Thursday (April 16th) - concert day:

This was going to be our first sightseeing day. We started off, trying the underground for the first time, to Central Antwerp (Groen Plaats), that went okay (we got better). Here we saw and heard the huge and famous cathedral. We also took a sightseeing-tram, to check out the central city area. And after that, we tried a bit n our own, before getting back - getting ready for concert. Before getting to the concert, we checked out the tram to the Sportpaleis. There we saw a lot of musicians arriving probably for the rehearsal. I didnt have the guts to go in with them, and ask for Mr. Shore.

Concert time:

Before the actual concert, we accidentally met Kenneth and his father, also attending the concert. Together, we tried to ask for permission to meet Howard Shore somehow. Or at least get some cd covers signed. The information would try, if we could deliver 2 covers each, in the break, and we could pick it up after the concert. (more on this - later in this report).

The Concert (8.30 p.m.)
Fellowship of the Ring:
Movement One
-	The Prophecy
-	Concerning Hobbits
-	The Shadow of the Past
-	A Short Cut to Mushrooms
-	The Old Forest
-	A Knife in the Dark
Movement Two
-	Many Meetings
-	The Ring Goes South
-	A Journey in the Dark
-	The Bridge of Khazad-dm
-	Lothlrien
-	Gandalfs Lament
-	Farewell to Lrien
-	The Great River
-	The Breaking of the Fellowship

I guess it was about a 90-100-piece orchestra, and around 3x25 piece choir (female, boy and male). One boy did the solo choir for the first movie - brilliantly. The complete sound raised, and was in the ceiling, walls and floor, and made everybody chill. And least I did.

It was wonderful to hear this live. Not only the themes from the well-known places, like The Shire, Rivendale and Lothlrien. But also the wonderful dark cues, which secure the continuity in both the movie and the music score.

In the Interval (around 9,20 p.m.), I hurried, delivering the cd-covers to be signed, at the information desk.

Second section:
The Two Towers:
Movement Three
-	Foundations of Stone
-	The Taming of Smeagol
-	The Riders of Rohan
-	The Black Gate is Closed
-	Evenstar
-	The White Rider
-	Treebeard
-	The Forbidden Pool
Movement Four
-	The Hornburg
-	Forth Eorlingas
-	Isengard Unleashed
-	Gollums Song

The Return of the King:
Movement Five
-	Hope and Memory
-	The White Tree
-	The Steward of Gondor
-	Cirith Ungol
-	Anduril
Movement Six
-	The End of All Things
-	The Return of the King
-	The Grey Havens
-	Into the West

For the two latter movies, the talented Norwegian vocalist Sissel did the light female and boy solo voices. She also performed the two songs: "Gollums Song" and "Into the West". I was especially anxious on how she would do the last one. As known, Annie Lennox, who has a very different voice, originally performed it. But I must say, that she did it wonderfully. And the reason was simply because Sissel performed it her own way.

Scheduled to end 10.45 pm (ended 10.50 pm)

None - Mr. Howard Shore got a well-deserved standing ovation, lasting almost 15 minutes, and he came in a bowed with the performers, 3 times. Still he didnt perform any extra cue. I have hoped for the outstanding "Shelobs lair", music from the battle at Helms deep, or at least a little reprise. But no - no more music that evening.

But I now have a wonderful memory for life - Thanks Mr. Shore.

After the concert, I went to pick up my signed cd covers - but unfortunately, they were not signed.

Well, bad luck. We said goodbye to Kenneth and his father, as they were going to leave Belgium, the morning after. My mom and me took a taxi home - that wasnt as expensive, as we first thought it would be.

Saturday April 17th

This was going to be our second sightseeing day. We started off later this day, as we were not in a hurry. We tried the sightseeing-bus 1 round, and got off again at Central Antwerp (Groen Plaats). Then we tried some different streets, and shopped some souvenirs. Home, at Keyserlei, we went into a gigantic store called Media Markt. Here I bought 2 scores, John Debneys The Passion Of Christ and Laura Karpmans score to Taken. In the afternoon - especially I - was a bit tired. So went back to the hotel, to relax, and pack our things, for travelling home Sunday. I havent mentioned the weather, because up until this point, it was sunny and warm. Much warmer, than home in little Denmark. In evening when we were hungry, we went out into dark clouds, a bit rain. But we could see, it had rained a lot before. After the restaurant visit (very good food by the way), the rain was getting heavier, and stormier. So we went to our room and saw some TV.

Sunday April 18th

I was home - back in Denmark - at 2,20 p.m., after my excellent Belgium-trip. I heard Howard Shores wonderful music live - for the first time, but I hope - not for the last time. I didnt any covers signed. But I have not given up. I will try to get some signed, through his agency, or something.

Henrik - April 18th 2004. Last edited: April 24th 2004.