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Hans Zimmer - The RAIN man

My concert report from Kuipke, Citadel Park, Gent in Belgium, October 10th 2000

Also report from The Film Music seminar in Gent - Belgium, October 11th 2000
By Henrik,
The Danish Film music Society

Tuesday (October 10th):

Today we (the 3 usual film music-nerds from The Danish Film music Society), will travel to Belgium, primarily to watch the unique film music composer: Hans Zimmer

2 of us took of from Denmark 7.15 a.m., by airline to Belgium. We found our hotel and some record stores, and I spent all my cash, so I had to make another withdrawel. We then meet our third companion, and got ready for the concert.

The Concert (8.00 p.m.)
The scene was splitted in 3 sections:
In the back there was an approx. 60-piece choir. In front of the choir section,
there were about 4 percussionists.
Front right (from audience view) you had the approx. 60-piece orchestra with strings in front.
Front left you had MediaVentures own percussionist sections with synthesisers and more stuff,
with Zimmer on Synthesiser and piano.
Well, the whole concert was recorded for an upcoming cd-release on Decca.
And there were cameras as well, so hopefully we can look forward to a VHS/DVD-release
of the concert as well.

The two announcers came on stage and mentioned some Zimmer-scores,
and then "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves" ...
What, he didn't scored that one. I hadn't catched, that they were in fact presenting:

Mr. Morgan Freeman

Wow, what a treat. The man, who was Driving Miss Daisy and from The Power of One
should present the star of the show.

The concert:
I believe this started 10 minutes too late. People hadn't found their places yet.
It was very annoying.
The music was great to start off with. Beautiful music, and Zimmer was really kicking
it off at the piano. The conductor Dirk Brossé and the orchestra were working wonders.

Then came (not in correct order, since the official program wasn't followed either)

RAIN MAN (neat performance)
CRIMSON TIDE (acceptable, but I needed the extra spicy power as heard on the cd).
THE THIN RED LINE (2 pretty quiet pieces, that didn't do much to me)
GLADIATOR (Lisa Gerrard made her quiet entrance, that seemed arrogant in a way.
           Anyway she did make a powerful strong vocal performance of the melancholy/moody themes.)
NINE MONTHS (A bad Zimmer-score according to himself, regarding a bad movie from the
             director. Only Zimmer-interest here was the fact that this theme, was
             dedicated his wife.)
TRUE ROMANCE (Re-orchestrated, played differently from the cd/film.
              Not that interesting.)
THELMA AND LOUISE (great guitar solo of the Thunderbird-theme)
MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 2 (Love theme with powerful guitar)
CHICKEN RUN (Funny and quirky theme. I gotta have this score)

The rest of the concert wasn't me. Too much African styled Disneymusical for my taste.
But it WAS powerful and the audience was crazy for more.

The extra number was sort of a medley, not heard anywhere before:
It started out with Driving Miss Daisy, and ended with the last musical performance.
The two mixed together as one.

I guess nobody succeeded getting autographs after the concert.

Wednesday October 11th

The Film Music Seminar 10-17.30:

Nancy Knutsen from ASCAP was moderator through out the seminar and did a great job.

Dirk Brossé and Belgium director Stijn Coninx. Also with Roland Verhavert in the panel. They talked about their working terms. Afterwards I got a compilation signed by Dirk Brossé.

Patrick Doyle and Régis Wargnier. Also with Maggie Rodford in the panel. They talked about their working terms on Indochine and East and West. Maggie Rodford talked interestingly about making connections between director/composer. Afterwards I got Hamlet and Sense & Sensibility signed by Doyle, and Indochine by both composer and director.

Lunch break: We agreed to sit at the table with Patrick Doyle. And at this table sat none other than: Patrick Doyle, Régis Wargnier, Stijn Coninx, an unknown Belgium director, Lisa Gerrard and Michael York with his wife. Michael York was very curious: "do I know you? Where are you from?". Régis Wargnier wanted to know 2 things: "Why did you vote NO to the new EURO?" and "Why don't you like Lars von Trier's new movie (Dancer in the Dark)?" Lucky for me, I wasn't sitting next to him, and I never heard Kenneth's answers... Lisa Gerrard was very busy talking to Mr. York, but we did get her signature on Gladiator. Well, better than nothing, since Mr. Zimmer didn't show up.

Eliott Goldenthal and Julie Taymor They talked about their working terms on Titus and more. Afterwards I got Michael Collins, Batman Forever, Titus, Sphere signed. Eliott seemed very fresh and cool to listen too. Julie Taymor also had some very interesting views from a director's point of view, at the scoring process. They also talked about the differences between scoring film and theatre.

John Powell (Hans Zimmer and others didn't show up) he talked about their working terms and how MediaVentures Works. And I got Face/Off signed. To me, it sounded like Zimmer decided, which ones he will score. And which the others can have.

Then we started towards home. We were in a hurry, catching our flight at 8.45 p.m., and we made it.

I was home at 11.30 p.m. It was a hard trip - In a very different way, than our usual London trip. But it was great to have been only a few steps from so many legends.

Henrik - 15 & 29 October 2000. (graphics ready from 7 january 2001)